Celebrate Like it’s 1909

Every second Tuesday of the month we meet, smoke our pipes and share either our tobacco - often newly discovered beauties for the nose and palate - or share the aesthetics of a pipe we love or have just acquired, while some might bring pipes, tobacco and accessories to sell as well. One of the members [...]

May I introduce to you, Sekiguchi Ichiro

This is the ONE reason I was in a hurry to reach the country I have been wanting to visit since 1985 - the year I went to Europe for the very first time and decided, the next year I would visit Japan. Many things happened since - one of them being that around 2009 [...]

Ceramic Pipe

In Gouda, Holland, there has been a long tradition of pipe making out of clay. It all started with the factory of the firm Zenith through Pieter van der Want in 1749, as he became master pipe maker of the Gouda pipemakers' guild. The life of the company stretches in succession from father to son over eight [...]