Booking Back

For several days, as Monday was approaching, I felt the pressure of wanting to cover as much possible in the time left, while sensing a light but clear sadness about leaving. Sadness can only be created by joy. I made new friends, met wonderful people, magnificent individuals. Was allowed to breathe comfortably and happily in [...]

Ashes in bowls of primitive Japanese days

In the days where there was no electricity in Japan, people would gather around ceramic bowls. In the middle of the bowls there was charcoal and around the charcoal were ashes. This same instrument, but in a smaller scale, is used at Café Reino.  The size of the bowls is not the only difference. Replacing [...]

May I introduce to you, Sekiguchi Ichiro

This is the ONE reason I was in a hurry to reach the country I have been wanting to visit since 1985 - the year I went to Europe for the very first time and decided, the next year I would visit Japan. Many things happened since - one of them being that around 2009 [...]