Cigar States of Being: Victor

Cigar States of Being: Victor

In spirit, mind and body, cigar smoking is a state of being - inwardly expansion and outwardly a social act. Life ought to be lived with intent and absolute attention - physically and metaphysically - but based on a naturally inherent serenity rather than on want. It is important that attention deem the moment, and that its [...]

Note from a Friend

Much of my life has been set and guided by taste. Taste for melodies and rhythm, taste for colours and shapes, and certainly through the taste my palate has acquired. The preference for what pleases the hearing and the palate have been prevalent, prompting me to develop special attention to these, to the extent that I [...]

Non-Fine-Smoking starts in the Mind

I believe that everything we do is a crucial part of our existence. Every single thing! Every single breath we take instigates the next and every breath is unquestionably dependent on the previous one. The Zen Chef Edward Espe Brown takes it to the extent of suggesting one only peels potatoes while peeling potatoes and [...]

Cuban forced on to the Streets of Toronto

After wonderful days in Tokyo, smoking Cubans each day, wherever I wished to, drinking wonderful Coffee, wherever I chose to, I arrived in New York, knowing that within days I would be on non-USA soil again. Today I entered a tobacco shop and was greeted with the sad news that in Toronto there are many [...]

Into Dusk

Measuring time for a cigar smoke is for me pretty much non-existent. It is only seldom that I will look at the clock in order to know how much time is available for a cigar.  With this activity I demand that the key for a smoke is the pleasure, not the need. Thus, lighting a [...]

Jeff in Contemplation

to contemplatecontemplationcontemplativeThe religious connotations ought to be evident. Prolonged thought, musing, meditative, pensive, reflective, deep thought, lost in thought or a person's devotion to prayer are just some synonyms. Smoking, an act which for centuries has been often connected to religion or religious rituals in various cultures, has helped millions in their contemplation, but the [...]