Celebrate Like it’s 1909

Every second Tuesday of the month we meet, smoke our pipes and share either our tobacco - often newly discovered beauties for the nose and palate - or share the aesthetics of a pipe we love or have just acquired, while some might bring pipes, tobacco and accessories to sell as well. One of the members [...]

Opinion and Criticism I

If we nose these perfectly shaped sticks of rolled leaves before we light them; if we toast their feet before we let them burn; if we carefully mind the fire to start an even burn and attentively observe how the ash develops; if many of us – at times with competitive spirit – try to [...]

A Dutch Family

For centuries the Dutch have understood to produce, handle and enjoy plants and spices, as well as utensils for their usage. This little family in my collection exemplifies one of their fields. Gouda is not just a famous cheese, but home to the Royal House of Goedewaagen which has been making smoking products since 1610 and to Zenith van [...]

Betthupferl Pipe

Betthupferl is a German/Austrian term that refers to a sweet something one might get before going to bed. That could be a candy, a cookie or anything to be appreciated as a small joy before going to bed or before falling asleep. It might even be a bed story. 'Bett' means bed and 'hupferl' is 'to hop', [...]

Booking Back

For several days, as Monday was approaching, I felt the pressure of wanting to cover as much possible in the time left, while sensing a light but clear sadness about leaving. Sadness can only be created by joy. I made new friends, met wonderful people, magnificent individuals. Was allowed to breathe comfortably and happily in [...]

The role of a Vitrine

For many years I have been interested in the importance and the meaning of desks.  In an optimally given situation they are an expression of individuality, while supporting one of the most relevant aspects of being a human - organization.  Similarly symbolic I like to rate personal vitrines. In them we keep and organize things [...]