The Seven-Year Oath — Prologue

The Seven-Year Oath — Prologue

Two thousand, two hundred and fifty-seven days ago, pictures of hands began appearing on the worldwide web. Their depiction was intended to avoid intrusion, and protect the privacy of my subjects on their lounge chairs, by respectfully forgoing the possibilities of facial identification. And yet, soon enough it became clearer that hands are identity, as [...]

Introducing my Leica IIIc from 1949

For years and years I have been driven to freeze moments and fractions of moments. An artist aims not always at creating, but at times to conserve. In 1985 I prepared for my very first trip on my own and for the first time into an unknown destination. Nothing seemed more self-evident to me than the [...]

1949 and 1950

In 1949 Leica produced this Camera - the Leica Leitz IIIc. The next year GBD (Ganneval, Bondier, Donninger) celebrated 100 years of pipe making with this Century 1625 model. Just eight years later I was produced. Today I enjoy and work with these German and British masterpieces.  

Why do I take Photographs?

As a human _delighting in_ being I have learned one treasure: I encounter various individuals, unravel through my perception a certain imprint of what they are about, learn to appreciate them and at some point impart my love to them. All a growth taking its time and its course. This develops in that manner with [...]