Martinez Handmade Cigars – Dominicans in New York City

We are not to ask what our country can do for us, but to think on what we can do for our country. This mindset has been planted in the citizens of the United States of America through the famous words of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. However, for immigrants that continue to embark into an unknown [...]

A Flatiron is not a Torpedo, but a Flatiron / Notes on the Martinez Flatiron #2 Cigar

In the neighbourhood of the Flatiron Building, a foreign culture has been absorbing the New York district since 1974. Bedded six streets and two avenues away from the iconic architecture, the Martinez tobacco factory is a representation of the Dominican cigar hand rolling tradition. Six days a week the torcedores begin the day by starting [...]

Notes on the Número 4 by Martinez Cigars

Antonio Genaro Martinez (1947 – 2002) arrived in New York in 1972 from Tamboril, Dominican Republic. Two years later, after working as cigar roller for a couple of local manufacturers, he began blending and rolling his very own, establishing Martinez Hand Rolled Cigars. Today – under the direction of his son, Jesus Martinez – the [...]