A Flatiron is not a Torpedo, but a Flatiron / Notes on the Martinez Flatiron #2 Cigar

In the neighbourhood of the Flatiron Building, a foreign culture has been absorbing the New York district since 1974. Bedded six streets and two avenues away from the iconic architecture, the Martinez tobacco factory is a representation of the Dominican cigar hand rolling tradition. Six days a week the torcedores begin the day by starting [...]

Myth and Reality to a Smoke Lounge

Believing seems to be a human necessity used in supporting our dealings with things we do not understand, as we yearn for security and completeness. This need is of individually existential nature, but equally socially and culturally supportive. Once we pair it with our ever evolving creative impulse and our love for poetic expression, it [...]

Macanudo Club, New York City

In a place carried by many years in the tradition of catering to the fine-smoker, a tradition with high demands on the quality with which they serve and the pleasure offered to their guests, it comes to me as no surprise that the tray in which my cigar was brought to me, could have posed [...]