Hirochi Robaina and Sila Blume

The culture I was born into was the Latino-Caribbean. Documents show that I reached this planet by way of Spanish Harlem to a Cuban father and a Puerto Rican mother. In my blood I carry in part the unity of a Chinese slave and his African slave wife. During my quarter of a century in [...]

Fine Tobacco Calender 2015

January 14 - 17 4to Festival del Tabaco Puro Sabor Nicaragua Nicaraguan Cigar Festival January 23 Nebraska Cigar Festival Lincoln, Nebraska Nebraska Cigar Festival February 15 – 20 Procigar Festival Dominican Republic ProCigar February 22 – 27 XVII Festival Habano La Habana, Cuba Habanos August 22 The Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival Broomfield, CO Rocky Mountain [...]

José Orlando Padrón

You cannot keep good people down. Perhaps kill them, but not keep them down. And if they manage to complete some major steps in life, even if they are killed, they could easily live beyond their physical lives. Demaso Padrón left the Canary Islands towards the middle of the 1800's, emigrating to Cuba. It was customary [...]

Instead of a Cuban Flag

If you by any chance wish to enter a home or a locality and do not wish to discard of your cigar, but do not know where to leave it until you walk out again, a very practical spot to keep it for the time being is an empty flag pole holder.

December 2005

This is a photograph of the box in which some cigars were delivered to the place where I bought them. All I wish to say to that is the following. As I reported, the very best cigar I have had in my life of 55 years, was lit for me in Tokyo and it was [...]

Cuban forced on to the Streets of Toronto

After wonderful days in Tokyo, smoking Cubans each day, wherever I wished to, drinking wonderful Coffee, wherever I chose to, I arrived in New York, knowing that within days I would be on non-USA soil again. Today I entered a tobacco shop and was greeted with the sad news that in Toronto there are many [...]

XVI Havana Cigar Festival

This week many cigar aficionados made their way to La Habana, Cuba, to witness and participate in the annual festival of 'puros'. Part of the celebration consists of a competition to burn the longest ash. The UK based Mail Online reports that the production of Cuban cigars has improved by 8% in 2013.