Unbreakable Ashtray

There are cheap ones, old ones, elegant ones, expensive ones, works of art, as much as true examples of bad taste, but most ashtrays are easily breakable. My new ashtray acquisition is made out of bronze.

Opinion and Criticism I

If we nose these perfectly shaped sticks of rolled leaves before we light them; if we toast their feet before we let them burn; if we carefully mind the fire to start an even burn and attentively observe how the ash develops; if many of us – at times with competitive spirit – try to [...]

Ashes in bowls of primitive Japanese days

In the days where there was no electricity in Japan, people would gather around ceramic bowls. In the middle of the bowls there was charcoal and around the charcoal were ashes. This same instrument, but in a smaller scale, is used at Café Reino.  The size of the bowls is not the only difference. Replacing [...]