The Seven-Year Oath — Prologue

The Seven-Year Oath — Prologue

Two thousand, two hundred and fifty-seven days ago, pictures of hands began appearing on the worldwide web. Their depiction was intended to avoid intrusion, and protect the privacy of my subjects on their lounge chairs, by respectfully forgoing the possibilities of facial identification. And yet, soon enough it became clearer that hands are identity, as [...]

To close in on a Padrón

For some weeks now I have been focusing on certain cigars from Arturo Fuente with natural wrappers. Repetitive close attention brings increasingly accurate perception. Now it is slowly time to return to the more mature leaf, and what better is available to the attentive cigar smoker than the demanding house of Padrón with their array [...]

José Orlando Padrón

You cannot keep good people down. Perhaps kill them, but not keep them down. And if they manage to complete some major steps in life, even if they are killed, they could easily live beyond their physical lives. Demaso Padrón left the Canary Islands towards the middle of the 1800's, emigrating to Cuba. It was customary [...]