Cigar States of Being: Victor

Cigar States of Being: Victor

In spirit, mind and body, cigar smoking is a state of being - inwardly expansion and outwardly a social act. Life ought to be lived with intent and absolute attention - physically and metaphysically - but based on a naturally inherent serenity rather than on want. It is important that attention deem the moment, and that its [...]

Coffeehouses and the banning of Smoke and House

On an intercontinental level, for the past five-hundred years, the cultural centre of humankind has been the coffeehouse. 16th Century - The first coffeehouses began operation in Mecca and Constantinople. 17th Century - This new social model built on popularity in cities like Venice, London, Amsterdam, Boston, Paris, New York, Hamburg and Vienna. 18th Century - Reaffirming their [...]


One more supporting experience for the importance of the Smoke Lounge in our society. Yakov sat next to me. With some shyness, we both looked for eye contact, just wanting to give a gentle sign of acceptance towards each other. On the streets as well as in smoke lounges, a point of attraction with regular occurrence [...]

Non-Fine-Smoking starts in the Mind

I believe that everything we do is a crucial part of our existence. Every single thing! Every single breath we take instigates the next and every breath is unquestionably dependent on the previous one. The Zen Chef Edward Espe Brown takes it to the extent of suggesting one only peels potatoes while peeling potatoes and [...]